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Synergy Search International (SSI)
Synergy Search International (SSI)

Welcome to Synergy Search International

Synergy Search International (SSI) is a new breed of Executive Search Firm that is built on the foundation of a different philosophy, a new way of thinking. We founded our firm to break the traditional mould of the search industry. We look further and deeper into new and developing markets to find you the right talent.

We will work closely with you in your quest for global talent and will see through your eyes when identifing the right talent. We find talent that will add value to your business and help make it grow.

In our fast moving & competitive economy, it is not sufficient to know that your business requires the best talent in the market but have no way of finding it.

Our clients are testament of our tested and proven approach and our commitment to the following:

We move fast and are accurate in our searches as we understand your needs are urgent and time sensitive

We are creative in our search approach for talent

We are prepared to cross the globe to find the right talent

At SSI, we are known for doing the impossible by finding you IDEAL candidates for your positions. Our strength lies in our extensive network of contacts in many industries & markets, locally and globally.

Talk to us, discuss your needs with us and you will experience THE difference.